Sports physio is a subdiscipline within musculoskeletal physio that focuses on the rehabilitation of sport-related injuries. It is also concerned with optimising the maintenance and performance of an athlete so that they can play their best! This not only includes management of a patient with their physiotherapist but often also liaising with coaches or other trainers involved with the sportsperson. Sporting injuries differ from other musculoskeletal injuries due to the increased demand different sports have on the body.

The range of acute injuries commonly seen within sports physio includes muscular strains and tears, ligamentous injuries such as ankle sprains all the way to ACL ruptures, tendinopathies, bony injuries such as stress or trauma induced fractures, and even concussion. It is important that the individual is managed throughout the acute phase well but equally importantly managed throughout their return to sport. This can often be a lengthy and difficult process for athletes but undoubtedly a beneficial one as it ensures athletes can return to competition in a safe manner with a reduced risk of reinjury.

Sports Physiotherapy in Perth

Sports physiotherapy in Perth can also be proactive (prehab) and specific exercises including general strength and conditioning in conjunction with sport-specific drills can help not only improve performance but also reduce the risk of injury. Often poor strength can be a limiting factor that inhibits individuals from returning to their sport.

Regardless of your level of sport, it can be beneficial to have guidance from your physiotherapist on how best you can rehabilitate an injury, reduce your risk of injury or re-occurrence of injury and perform your best! Our physiotherapists are equipped to kick start your rehab or prehab journey and also liaise with a range of other specialist health professionals should further help be required.