McKenzie Method

The McKenzie Method® is a mechanical diagnostic and therapeutic method utilizing a comprehensive and logical step-by-step process to evaluate and classify non specific back, neck, and peripheral joint pain. Its emphasis is on active patient involvement in the treatment with the ultimate goal of patient self- treatment and long-term prevention.

Mechanical assessment

The McKenzie Method assessment looks at pain behaviour as well as the pain response to repeated test movements, positions and activities performed during the assessment process. This mechanical examination then enables the classification of spinal pain into sub-groups (syndromes) to determine appropriate treatment.

A McKenzie assessment can eliminate the need for expensive and/or invasive procedures, as
research has shown it to be as reliable as costly diagnostic imaging to determine the source of the
spinal problem.


McKenzie treatment emphasizes education and active patient involvement in the management of their treatment in order to decrease pain quickly and restore function and independence. McKenzie treatment prescribes a series of individualised exercises, based on the syndrome found. This emphasis on active self-treatment results in a reduction of treatment visits required.

Ultimately, most patients can successfully treat themselves when provided the necessary knowledge and tools. For patients with more difficult mechanical problems, Sandra Jefferies a credentialed McKenzie clinician at Power Physiotherapy, can provide advanced hands-on manual techniques until the patient can self-treat.


During the active self-treatment process patients gain knowledge on how to minimise the risk of recurrence and to rapidly manage themselves when symptoms occur. Posture re-education and prevention advice is always given, and self-maintenance prevents the likelihood of problems persisting.

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