Shoulder Bursitis

Does This Describe You?

You have pain at the front and top of your shoulder or down the side of your arm.
It feels like a deep ache or even a sharp/pinch sensation with shoulder movements
Your arm feels weak at times.
Your sleep is disrupted, and you can’t lie on that side.
Are you worried that you won’t get better, or will need an injection or even surgery?

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You may have shoulder bursitis, but what is it?

Shoulder bursitis is an irritation or inflammation of the bursa. The bursa is a small fluid filled sac (that everyone has), which reduces friction between the bone and tendons of the shoulder. Once inflamed it results in pain, swelling and difficulty with shoulder movements. Other structures may also be involved, including the rotator cuff muscles and their tendons, contributing to shoulder pain.

The Shoulder Bursitis Program

At Power Physiotherapy we have helped patients just like you overcome shoulder pain with our 3-step program.

Step 1 – Thorough examination and diagnosis:
The shoulder is a complex joint which requires a specific examination and diagnosis to determine which structures are contributing to your pain.

A screening of your neck will also be completed to rule out referred pain as well as examination of the shoulder joint and surrounding muscles.

Our physiotherapists will provide you with a guide of recommended treatment sessions which is individualised taking into account your pain intensity, duration of symptoms and your goals.

Understanding your condition and what may provoke symptoms/pain is important for you to best manage your condition. Our Physiotherapists will educate you on everything you need to know about the shoulder!

Step 2 – Managing your Symptoms:
Power Physiotherapy has both a ‘Hands On’ approach to treatment as well as following the ‘Evidence Base’ model or the latest scientific evidence.

‘Hands On’ therapies such as joint mobilisations (movements), massage, passive and active stretching can be utilised to improve your pain. Dry needling and electrotherapy options (laser and ultrasound) may also be used to assist treat your shoulder.

Step 3 – Restore Movement, Strength and Function:

A strengthening and stretching program are vital for your shoulder recovery and rehabilitation.

Our physiotherapists will tailor a specific program to suit your goals and capabilities. Persistence and patience are key in this phase to see improvement and prevent shoulder re-injury.

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