Back pain is an event that we may all experience sometime in our life. Mild or short term symptoms occur for the lucky ones. Chronic or debilitating pain impacts the lives of many.

  • Do you know what to do in the event of back pain?
  • Have you got a treatment plan in place?
  • Who do you turn to for help?

Let Power Physiotherapy help you today. We are proud to present the ‘Back Pain Talk’ and it’s absolutely FREE to attend.

Why should you come and what will you learn?

  • Understand the spine because knowing about your body makes it easier to look after yourself and get better faster.
  • Why back pain happens and how long it takes to resolve.
  • The impact of posture on pain: standing, sitting, sleeping.
  • What Physiotherapy Treatment has to offer.
  • The role of exercise on back pain.
  • Self care strategies.
  • Prevention of back pain.
  • How to return to all the activities you love.
  • PLUS….so much more.

⭐️So when does this big FREE event happen?
⭐️Saturday August 20th at 10am-11am.
⭐️Location: Power Physiotherapy Stirling

Take the next step in your self care journey.

☎️Call 9440 6125 to secure your spot.  (places are limited so don’t delay).

✅The ‘Back Pain’ talk will be presented by the experienced Physiotherapists of
Power Physiotherapy.
✅This is a great opportunity to ask questions and have an open discussion about
Back Pain.
✅You don’t have to be suffering with Back Pain to attend. Everyone is welcome to this FREE community event.
✅Get the support and advice you need TODAY!
So what are you waiting for…..
The beginning of your self care journey is just a phone call away. 😀