Shoulder Bursitis

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Struggling with Shoulder Bursitis Pain?

Does This Describe You?

You are struggling with shoulder pain and not sure what to do or who to ask.
You are frustrated that your injury is stopping you from doing the things you love.
You are having difficulty sleeping because of your shoulder pain and this is affecting your energy and well being during the day.
You are frustrated that it feels like life is on hold since your injury started.
You are starting to worry that this isn’t ever going to get better and might mean you are getting arthritis or a might need an operation.
Here at Power Physiotherapy, our highly experienced team are dedicated to serving the local community in Stirling and surrounding area and helping shoulder bursitis sufferers just like you, get back to doing the things you love, without pain or restriction.  

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What is Shoulder Bursitis?

And why is your bursitis not getting better?

In cases of bursitis of the shoulder, it is most commonly the subacromial bursa that is causing the pain.  

This causes:


Pain on the front and top of the shoulder and sometimes down as far as the upper arm.


Pain lifting the arm making simple things like dressing and brushing your hair difficult.


Pain lying on that side in bed causing difficulty sleeping, ultimately reducing your energy levels and well-being during the day.

There are often other structures involved such as the rotator cuff, muscles and tendons.  If these are not properly addressed and the shoulder isn’t treated as a whole, it tends to take some time for this issue to resolve.

It is common for people to have injections to the area without improvement and many people start to worry that the problem isn’t going to go away. 

The Shoulder Bursitis Program

Here at Power Physiotherapy we have helped 1000s of patients just like you with our 3 Step Shoulder Bursitis Program

1. Comprehensive Consultation and Diagnosis

Our knowledgeable and experienced team will conduct a comprehensive consultation.

A condition called tendinopathy is often present along side bursitis but often missed, preventing full resolution of your pain.

This step begins with accurate diagnosis to make sure we target what is causing the pain.

Step 2 – Exceptional Hands On Treatment

Here at Power Physiotherapy we are proud of our reputation for providing an exceptional hands on treatment. 

Your treatment will be tailored to your specific injury and circumstances. It may include:


Soft and deep tissue techniques, including trigger point therapy, to address tension and/or shortening in your muscles.


Gentle hip mobilisation techniques


Dry Needling.

Step 3 – Improve Performance

Whether your goal is to be able to:


Lift your grandchildren again.


Get back to the gym.


Sleep through the night.

Our 3rd step is vital to make sure that you have the strength in the muscles around your shoulder joint, to get back to doing the things you love without pain or restriction.

This will involve a tailored combination of stretching and strengthening rehabilitation techniques based on the latest research.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Every shoulder bursitis case is different and each treatment program is tailored to suit your specific circumstances and goals.

The number of treatments varies from person to person depending on a number of factors such as how long the injury has been present and the severity of the pain.

Here at Power Physiotherapy we have invested in technology and other evidence based treatment methods to get you back to doing the things you love as soon as we can.

Is the Shoulder Bursitis Program Right For You?

This program may be the solution for you if:


You are struggling with pain in your shoulder.

You are having trouble sleeping because of your shoulder pain and this is impacting your mood and energy during the day.

You have been told to have an injection and would like to avoid this.


You have already had an injection and the pain has come back.


You have been told to take painkillers and would like to get to the root of the problem.


You are starting to worry that you might need a shoulder operation and it’s getting you down.

Why Choose Power Physiotherapy?

Established Local Business

Power Physiotherapy was established in 1997.  We are proud to be a community focussed business. Our highly knowledgable and experienced team have great relationships with local doctors and specialists, in Stirling and surrounding suburbs.

We have helped 1000’s of patients just like you, get back to doing the things you love without pain or restriction.

Treatment Report and Recovery Plan

Here at Power Physiotherapy each and every patient receives a written treatment report and detailed recovery plan.

This will be tailored to you and your circumstances to help get you back to doing the things you love.

Wide Range Of Services

Each treatment session is specifically tailored to you, depending on your history and diagnosis.

We provide the following services at the clinic all under one roof, for your




Dry Needling


Clinical Pilates


Remedial Massage


McKenzie Method


Headache Treatment Program

Certified McKenzie Clinic

Power Physiotherapy’s founder Sandra Jefferies is a certified practitioner in Western Australia.

What exactly is the McKenzie Method?

It is an internationally acclaimed method of assessment and treatment for spinal and extremity pain developed by New Zealand Physiotherapist Robin McKenzie. It has been widely used all over the world for more than 30 years.

Convenient Opening Hours 

We understand how busy life can get and how hard it can be to find time to schedule appointments around work.

So that you can prioritise your recovery and focus on getting better rather than asking for time off work, we are open until 7pm weekdays.

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